The Book of Honesty

The Book of Honesty contains the writings required to know the game and play it. It details everything from the world of Britannia to character creation, magic, combat and the virtues of Lord British.

Between 2001 and 2003 at least 3 revisions of the original rulebook were written and published online. The latest being an experimental version, revised mostly by Quill Dragon from the original version, which added a number of new features and extra information to flesh out details of the game.

This revised edition adds a whole new look and feel to that most recent edition, makes it more readable by reducing font clutter and other superfluous details that look very cool when you're 17, but less so when you're 37. A number of minor tweaks have been made to the game text, but mostly the game stands as it did back then. 

I hope you will enjoy it.